Kids Hate How We Teach History, Not the Subject Itself.

History Tech points out that the way we teach history is outdated, we have students memorize facts and events they know they will rarely use. While they do not hate reading and writing in general they do hate not having any say in what they read and write about. Giving them the option of what they want to do their history report on (of course it has to be related to the class) will go a long way to engage the students. Also they are unhappy with having to physically write when there are computers and iPads everywhere they could be using instead. This is actually related to my iPad App Project, which is a map game where students are given a state, city, or country and must locate it on a map. This is a fun game students can play to re-enforce their knowledge of the world and compete against classmates. Adding this competitive component to the lesson goes a long way to engage students. 

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